May 14, 2018

More Ways to Join ONA!

We've retooled the Join ONA page of this website to give Oakhurst residents more flexibility on how they contribute their annual dues. You now have three online options:

One-time Payments
Annual dues of $20.00 are used to support ONA events and maintenance activities. Look for the "Pay Now" button on the Join ONA page, as pictured below.

Annual Subscription
You are now able to pay your ONA dues automatically with an annual subscription! Click the "Subscribe" button on the Join ONA page to set up billing via your preferred payment method, as pictured below.

Additional Contributions
We've added a shopping cart function to enable residents to donate to specific ONA initiatives. In the Additional Contributions section on the Join ONA page, make a selection with the pulldown menu and then click "Add to Cart", as pictured below.


Note: To make multiple contributions, click "Continue Shopping" on the PayPal website (before you check out) to return to the Join ONA page and add additional items to your cart!

Offline Payments
Of course, you may still choose to print a membership form, fill it out, and mail it with your dues to ONA Treasurer, P.O. Box 7430, Fort Worth, TX 76111.

Thank you for your support!

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