May 22, 2014

This Weekend: Oakhurst's Garage Sale!

Our 10th Annual Oakhurst Collective Garage Sale is upon us!  This event runs Friday through Sunday and draws shoppers from all over the area.  Many of our neighbors are participating, so we've put together a handy flyer of street addresses that you are welcome to save or print out for reference.  Also check out the location map below!

Oakhurst Garage Sale Location Map
So c'mon out, hunt for bargains, and meet your neighbors this weekend.  Hope to see there!
10th Annual Oakhurst Collective Garage Sale
Memorial Day Weekend:  May 23-25, 2014

May 16, 2014

10th Annual Oakhurst Collective Garage Sale: Sign Up Today!

Are you ready to do your Spring cleaning?  If so, sign up for our 10th Annual Oakhurst Collective Garage Sale!  Here's how it works:
  1. Print out and return the registration form by Monday, May 19th.
  2. ONA will secure the garage sale permit, place ads in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram advertising the garage sale, and provide maps and listings of all residents holding garage sales on May 23, 24, and 25. Copies of these maps will be available to you as a garage sale participant, and you can hand them out to customers.
  3. All registrants will receive a free currency forgery detection pen.
  4. More customers equal more sales for you! Joint advertising of the sale means less work for you and more customers for everyone.
10th Annual Oakhurst Collective Garage Sale
Memorial Day Weekend:  May 23-25, 2014

May 1, 2014

Oakhurst Celebrates 90th Birthday at Spring Meeting

2014-15 ONA Officers
At its April 24 general membership meeting, ONA members elected street representatives and the following officers (pictured above) to serve for 2014-2015: David Collyer, treasurer; Glenda Hartsell Shelton, secretary; Libby Willis, vice-president; and Kathryn Omarkhail, president.

Members adopted the budget for 2014-2015, including an ambitious beautification budget which will fund plantings, watering, and maintenance at the Daisy Lane/Sylvania common area, Audine’s Circle, and the common area at West Lotus. In addition, an expense of $2,500 in capital improvement funds was approved for the installation of permanent irrigation equipment at the West Lotus site.

Members also enjoyed a slide presentation with historic photos of Oakhurst through its 90 years, dating back to its first development in 1924. Residents who have lived in Oakhurst for at
least 50 years were honored, including: CeCe Thompson; Hermina Cihacek (70 years); Ray
Jefferson (84 years); Robert Gieb; Jean and Terry Smith; Beverly and Dwight Mason; Susie McKinzie; Jerry and Shirley Howard; and Lee and Joe Gorbett.

Throughout 2014, ONA will continue to honor our long-time residents. If you know of a 50-year+ neighbor whose name does not appear above, please let us know at or via the Contact Us form on this website.