February 23, 2014

Bulk Collection Info

From Madelyn Gibbs in the Fort Worth Neighborhood Education Office:

Hi Neighbors!

Get email or text reminders for your next bulk collection week. It's easier than ever to remember when to set out that pile of items that is too large, too heavy or bulky to fit in the brown garbage cart for normal garbage pickup. Residents of Fort Worth can now sign-up electronically to receive reminder notices for their monthly bulk collection.

There's a new link on the City's website that makes it easy for residents to make just one click, and using your water bill account number, you will be able to sign-up to receive a reminder email, text message, or both. The reminder notice will be sent the week prior to your bulk collection. It's just that easy!

Sign up today at http://fortworthtexas.gov/solidwaste to receive a reminder notice.

Questions:  817.392.1234

February 11, 2014

ONA Meeting This Thursday!

Join us this Thursday for our monthly meeting, where we'll hear helpful tips from Animal Control Officer Mike Camp on keeping egrets from invading Oakhurst!

For much more information on these migratory birds and the challenges that they bring, please see our recent posts on this site:

Protect Your Property: Egret Workshop...
More Egret Information

ONA Monthly Meeting
Thursday, February 13, 2014, 7:00pm
Calvary Christian Academy Library

February 3, 2014

More Egret Information

Here are some additional resources on egrets, to help you be prepared for their arrival:

Migratory Birds: Preventing Rookeries in Residential Areas from the City of Fort Worth
DFW Heronries from Texas Parks and Wildlife
Nuisance Heronries in Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Let's be on the lookout and protect Oakhurst from these beautiful but damaging birds!