September 13, 2017

9/19: Fort Worth ISD Town Hall Meeting!

A message from Cathy Seifert on behalf of Amon Carter-Riverside High School:
Just wanted to make sure everyone in the community gets the word that FWISD is holding our local meeting on Tuesday, 19 September from 6:00-7:00 PM at Carter-Riverside High School. This is an important event to hear what they are planning for our area schools and ask questions!
Tonight the Board will vote on this Bond Package and the “Penny Swap”. In a nutshell it is NOT going to cost the taxpayer any ADDITIONAL money, that’s what the Penny Swap means, due to the increase in property taxes it will take care of this new bond proposal, the highest ever ($750 million). While I’m not too concerned about the high cost, it is a must due to increased population, I just want our area to get what’s needed. The vote will be this Nov.

Our School Board Trustee, Ashley Paz, fought hard and diligently to get us 50 million instead of the mere 9 million the district originally proposed! While many on the “other side of town” will receive approximately in the range of 96 million. Bottom line here, “we don’t have as many voters as they do”, our voices simply aren’t heard.
So I encourage you to attend, even if you don’t have any children in school, we deserve the best they can give and not just the crumbs! It’s YOUR tax dollar their deciding on! Please share with as many of your neighbors and friends as you can.
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