April 1, 2017

In Pictures: ONA's 1st Annual "Oakhurst Shamrock Porch Crawl"!

The “place to be” on Saturday night, March 25, was the west end of Daisy Lane. The Oakhurst Shamrock Porch Crawl began at 6 pm, with neighbors lining up to join in on the fun. Rita Wilson and David Collyer checked everyone in and gave them a wristband entitling each person to beer, wine, lemonade, food, raffle tickets and fun for a $5 donation.

Food was donated by Tributary Café and Entrees On-Trays, while Martin House Brewing Company supplied beer and QCinema provided vodka. Table volunteers happily heaped plates with flautas, meatballs, cheese, cold cuts, bread pudding and cookies. Oakhurst resident artist Debra Warr painted the faces of kids and adults alike, and everyone took a turn kissing the "Blarney Stone" and having their picture taken in the "Irish Kissing Booth".

Gift cards were donated by Gypsy Scoops and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and Vogel Landscape Services provided a garden basket with live ladybugs (won by Muriel Hayden) and a deluxe 6-piece wine opening kit.

Adult friends had a chance to visit with old neighbors and meet new ones. Kids played catch and danced, while babies rested in strollers and crawled through the grass.
Both current City Councilwoman Ann Zadeh and her opponent, John Fitzgerald, joined us to participate in the events and discuss current issues.

Thanks to neighbors Linda Plemons and Ashleigh Martin for letting us set up tables in their front yards. Thanks also to Glenda Shelton, Kathryn Omarkhail, and Lex-Anne Vogel for planning this event. Finally, thanks to everyone who volunteered and helped make this one of our best events!

Event recap provided by Oakhurst neighbor Ann Kothmann; pictures provided by ONA President Kathryn Omarkhail

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