June 7, 2016

ONA's Oak Leaflet Wins Another Award!

Last month, at the Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference in Memphis, TN, our very own Oak Leaflet was awarded 2nd place!  This is a national award in the category for newsletters, printed format, published 7 or more times annually.

First place went to the Oakwood News of the Historic Oakwood Neighborhood in Raleigh, NC, and third place to the NET News of the Northeast Tacoma Neighborhood Council of Tacoma, WA.  Other finalists included the Dahl Update of Dahlman Neighborhood Association in Omaha, NE; the TONAPU News of the Triple One Neighborhood Association and Parent's Union in Omaha, NE; and the South Shore Current of the South Shore Community in Chicago, Illinois.

ONA's Beautification Committee was a finalist in NUSA's Social Revitalization category, as was an East Fort Worth organization.

Congratulations to editor Libby Willis, all of the volunteers that contribute to the Oak Leaflet on a regular basis, and the membership of the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association on another national award!

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