September 8, 2014

Belknap and Oakhurst Scenic Zoning Change Update

As many of you know, a change in zoning to accommodate mixed-use development is being proposed to the south of our neighborhood, near Belknap Street and Oakhurst Scenic Drive.  The applicant proposes to rezone 14.48 acres from single-family, commercial, and industrial land to urban residential and mixed-use zoning.  In the words of the applicant:

The surrounding area is bounded by the Trinity River and Riverside Park to the west and is in close proximity to Sylvania Avenue and the Six Points Urban Village.  The proposed development has the opportunity to act as a gateway into downtown, due to its proximity to the river and direct access to downtown via Belknap Street and the trails.

The zoning case number is ZC-14-097.  Much more information is found in the ZC-14-097 Zoning Map Change Staff Report.

This case was originally scheduled for a vote before the Fort Worth City Council this week, but the applicant has agreed to a one-week continuance in order to provide local residents one more opportunity to hear from them firsthand.

Tom Galbreath will present the purpose of the MOU (included in the above-mentioned report) and how it will preserve the natural slope and bluff area on Oakhurst Scenic Drive at our ONA meeting this Thursday.  Please plan to attend, and bring your questions!

The City Council will now vote on this issue at their next meeting, on September 16 at 7pm.

Please note that Pre-Council and City Council meetings may be viewed live online at  Previous meetings are also recorded and available for viewing.

(Updated to confirm continuance of zoning case ZC-14-097 on 9/9/14.)

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