December 26, 2017

Holiday Decorating Contest Winners!

The results are in for Oakhurst's first Holiday Decorating Contest!  It has been a treat to see our neighborhood in lights this holiday season.  Congratulations to the award winners and honorable mentions below, and thank you to all of our neighbors.  Happy holidays!


1st Place - 2337 Honeysuckle Ave
2nd Place - 2221 Yucca Ave
3rd Place - 1800 Wisteria Ct

Honorable Mentions

1905 Bluebonnet Dr
2128 Primrose Ave
1955 Bluebird Ave
2200 Yucca Ave
2320 Marigold Ave

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas, Oakhurst!

Wishing you and yours an enjoyable, peaceful, and safe holiday.  See you all next year!

December 14, 2017

December's Oak Leaflet and Events

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!
Of special note are two December events:

The ONA Holiday Party will take place this Saturday, December 16, at 6:30 pm at 2312 Aster Avenue (the home of ONA President Elizabeth Neumann).

And it's time to get those lights up!  Judging begins for the Oakhurst Neighborhood Holiday Decorating Contest 2017 on December 18, with winners to be announced on December 22.  Decorations should be outside and viewable at night!

As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

November 23, 2017

November 10, 2017

Connecting the Neighborhood

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November 8, 2017

Reminder: ONA Social on Thursday!

Come out and join your neighbors THIS Thursday, 11/9, for our November Social!
Bring an appetizer or dessert, meet some new folks, and enjoy a beautiful fall evening (with temps in the 50s!) on the deck.

ONA November Social
Thursday, November 9, 6:30 pm
The Sheltons', 1924 Bluebird Ave

November 7, 2017

November Oak Leaflet: Online Now!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  Inside, you'll find Libby's perspective on the City of Fort Worth's upcoming 2018 bond election.  Fred Anglin provides a final recap of this year's Police & Firefighter Appreciation Dinner—and Phyllis shares her thoughts on how you can support next year's event.  Elizabeth's president's column, "Winter is Coming!", is accompanied by Fran's announcement on behalf of the ONA Beautification Committee of the Fall Decorating Contest winners, Fred's patrol report, and Glenda's recap of the ONA Halloweenie Roast.
Upcoming events:  November's ONA Social is this Thursday, 11/9, starting at 6:30 pm at the Shelton residence (1924 Bluebird Ave).  On 11/30, the Riverside Alliance Community Meeting will take place at Fort Worth Harvest Church from 7-9 pm.  And Santa will be visiting Oakhurst Park on Saturday, 12/2, from 10:00-11:30 am!

As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

November 1, 2017

Mark Your Calendar: Riverside Community Meeting on 11/30!

An invitation for all Riverside residents, forwarded to us by Belinda Norris, president of Vintage Riverside Neighborhood Association:

On November 30, the Riverside Alliance of Neighborhoods will be presenting an open meeting for residents in the Riverside area.  Featured speakers will include Fort Worth City Council members Ann Zadeh and Cary Moon.  This will be a great opportunity to meet your representatives and Riverside neighbors.  Click on the flyer above for more details.

Riverside Community Meeting
Thursday, November 30, 7-9 pm
Harvest Church, 620 N. Chandler

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from ONA!

Happy Halloween
to all of our neighbors from the
Oakhurst Neighborhood Association

October 28, 2017

Winter is Coming!

A message from ONA president Elizabeth Neumann:

Wow, can you believe it is November and October ended with 35 degree temperatures.  Winter is coming, and ONA has several upcoming events as we end the 2017 year.  Please consider attending the following events:  ONA Social on November 9th at 6:30pm at Glenda Shelton's home*, Santa in the Park on December 2nd at 10am*, and ONA’s Holiday Party on December 16th at my house at 6:30pm*.

ONA recently had our October General Meeting at the Calvary Cathedral gym with three outstanding and informative speakers:  Shelby Dooley—ONA Code Compliance officer, Wilma Smith—Project Manager TPW, Six Points Urban Village, and Douglas Gilford—ONA NPO officer.  The ONA Officers and Special Committees presented their reports** along with the Beautification committee announcing the Fall Decorating winners.  The Beatification Committee announced that they may have another wait for the announcement!

A special thank you to Phyllis and Fred Anglin for a very successful Police & Firefighters Appreciation Dinner, Glenda Shelton for an outstanding job with the numerous ONA events and to all the other ONA officers for their continuous commitment in making ONA a warm and special organization.

There is always something new to learn at ONA meetings as recently I learned that you can receive ONA website posts by clicking on "Follow ONA by Email" and "Follow ONA on Twitter" at the bottom of and that the Oak Leaflets are archived in the Fort Worth Library.  We had a nice attendance at the ONA General meeting with a delightful buffet at the end.  Please remember to vote in the upcoming elections and stay warm as we approach WINTER.

With warm regards,
Elizabeth Neumann, ONA President

* Please review the Oakhurst’s Website and Oak Leaflet for events specifics

** President’s Report:
ONA 2017-2018 Goal and Objectives 

  • Goal # 1: Address ways to facilitate crime prevention in the Oakhurst Neighborhood within the 2017-2018 ONA term.
    • Objective 1 – Encourage increase participation in the Cops Program
    • Objective 2 – Bumper stickers distribution
    • Objective 3 – Determine a ONA Street Representative night-out
  • Goal # 2: Identify ways to effectively impact the traffic problems i.e. 18 wheelers, for Oakhurst in the next three months.
    • Objective 1 – Organize Traffic Committee
    • Objective 2 – Attend and City, State or Federal meetings concerning traffic impacting ONA
    • Objective 3 -  Participate in Riverside Alliance Meetings 
  • Goal 3: Review Oakhurst neighborhood conservation, 6 points Race Street and street repair and determine the best avenues to approach these concerns for the Oakhurst neighborhood by the end of 2017.
    • Objective  1 – Review options to address these issues
    • Objective  2 – Attend Meetings concerning these topics

October 20, 2017

Thursday, 10/26: ONA Fall General Membership Meeting

Oakhurst residents (and nearby neighbors, too) -

Mark your calendars for the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association's fall general membership meeting, coming up this Thursday!

We will be featuring three guest speakers:  Shelby Dooley, our City of Fort Worth Code Compliance officer; Wilma Smith, project manager for the City's ongoing improvements project in the Six Points Urban Village; and Doug Gilfour, Neighborhood Patrol Officer (NPO) for the Fort Worth Police Department's Central Division.

Come on out and get to know your neighbors!

ONA Fall General Membership Meeting
Thursday, October 26, 7 pm
Calvary Christian Academy

October 12, 2017

Save the Date for ONA's Halloween in the Park!

Halloween is fast approaching!  Join us for ONA's annual Halloween in the Park on Saturday, October 28, at 3 pm.  Click on the flyer below to view more details.  We need your help with donations of time and money to make this a successful event!
ONA Halloween in the Park
Saturday, October 28, 3 pm
Oakhurst Park

October 4, 2017

10/14: "PETS of Oakhurst Park"

An invitation from Oakhurst neighbor and FOOP President, Sharon Buse:
Hi Friends,
You are invited to bring your "fur baby" and help celebrate PETS OF OAKHURST PARK, October 14, 2017, 4-6 pm!  Thanks to the incredible public/private collaboration between Friends of Oakhurst Park (FOOP) and City of Fort Worth Park Department, Oakhurst Park now has an amazing new drinking fountain with pet and ADA accessibility! 
So, please accept our invitation!  Come check out the new water fountain and celebrate FOOP's 2nd Birthday.  Bring the kids to meet "LUCA", the FWPD 2017 National Hero Dog finalist, and "HENRY", the City of Fort Worth Animal Control Mascot!  Have your "fur baby's" photo made; play in the park; enjoy kids crafts; hunt for "Oakhurst Park Rocks"; visit with neighbors; and eat a slice of FOOP's birthday cake!

See ya in the Park!
The FOOP Board of Directors, Members, and Families
Friends of Oakhurst Park is an independent organization; click on the link above to visit the FOOP website.  FOOP is also on Facebook.

October 2, 2017

THIS THURSDAY: 30th Annual Oakhurst Police and Firefighter Appreciation Dinner!

Please remember to bring your food items, donate cash and/or volunteer to help in the kitchen or serving in line; see additional details from Phyllis Anglin below (emphasis added)...

It's a BIG deal!  It's a big enough deal that the mayor, the police and fire chief as well as our city councilwoman comes!  For all the new members of our neighborhood, it's the Police and Firefighters Appreciation Dinner.  It is sponsored every year by Oakhurst Neighborhood Association and your Citizens on Patrol.

This year, as in past years, it will be held at Springdale Baptist Church on the corner of Selma and Riverside Drive, in the gym and will be held on the 5th of October.  It starts at 10:00 AM and runs until 1:00 AM the next morning.  We serve all three shifts of the police, Medstar (EMT's) and Communications (911).  We also serve the Firefighters, whenever they are able to come in throughout the day and night.

This is a special year because it's our 30th year.  You may have heard of other neighborhoods feeding the officers, but, as far as we know, ours was the first!  It is also the last year that Fred and I will be leading the way.  After ten years (longer than anyone) we have decided to step down and take a smaller role as "helpers".

If you have never participated, let me tell you how it goes:  All the neighbors bring sides and ONA supplies the Riscky's Barbeque (the folks at Riscky's give us the meat at a reduced amount).  When we run out of barbeque, we supplement with ham or lasagna or whatever members of the neighborhood are kind enough to buy or make.  ALWAYS:  WE ASK THAT YOU BRING YOUR DISHES IN THROWAWAY CONTAINERS, unless you plan to stay and take your containers home when they are empty.  If you are unable to make a dish, we accept cash donations to be able to buy what we need.

Also:  if you have never participated, there is a lot of hurry up and wait.  Kind of like the Army.  You are EXTREMELY busy for a while and then you wait for the next influx of Police and Firefighters to come in.  During that time, the ladies and gentlemen of Oakhurst who stay to help, well, we talk.  We visit.  We get to know one another.  I have made some of my best friends sitting in that gym, getting to know my neighbors.  If you are new, it is such a good way to find friends.  For me, some for life.

For the "old hands" of this Dinner, from the bottom of my heart, Fred and I thank you for all your help in the past.  We couldn't have done this without you.  Thank you for ten years of anxiety, anticipation, hard work, joy and gratefulness.  This is the best neighborhood in Fort Worth, hands down.

October's Oak Leaflet Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  Find out what the upcoming FWISD bond package means for Amon Carter-Riverside High School.  Learn about an upcoming lecture on Hare & Hare, the landscape architecture firm that planned Oakhurst, and check out photos from ONA's inaugural "Oaktoberfest" event.  See Elizabeth's president's column, Fred's patrol report, and Fran's recognition of Oakhurst's October Yard of the Month.
Don't forget upcoming events:  The 30th Oakhurst Police and Firefighter Appreciation Dinner is this Thursday (10/5), and the ONA Beautification Committee's 1st Fall Decorating Contest is right on its heels (10/15-26); you'll want to save the dates for the ONA Fall General Membership Meeting (10/26) and Halloween in the Park (10/28), too!

As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

September 13, 2017

9/19: Fort Worth ISD Town Hall Meeting!

A message from Cathy Seifert on behalf of Amon Carter-Riverside High School:
Just wanted to make sure everyone in the community gets the word that FWISD is holding our local meeting on Tuesday, 19 September from 6:00-7:00 PM at Carter-Riverside High School. This is an important event to hear what they are planning for our area schools and ask questions!
Tonight the Board will vote on this Bond Package and the “Penny Swap”. In a nutshell it is NOT going to cost the taxpayer any ADDITIONAL money, that’s what the Penny Swap means, due to the increase in property taxes it will take care of this new bond proposal, the highest ever ($750 million). While I’m not too concerned about the high cost, it is a must due to increased population, I just want our area to get what’s needed. The vote will be this Nov.

Our School Board Trustee, Ashley Paz, fought hard and diligently to get us 50 million instead of the mere 9 million the district originally proposed! While many on the “other side of town” will receive approximately in the range of 96 million. Bottom line here, “we don’t have as many voters as they do”, our voices simply aren’t heard.
So I encourage you to attend, even if you don’t have any children in school, we deserve the best they can give and not just the crumbs! It’s YOUR tax dollar their deciding on! Please share with as many of your neighbors and friends as you can.
Additional Info

September 10, 2017

9/21: "Not in My Neighborhood" Meeting

A public service announcement forwarded by our neighbor Sharon Buse:

Coming up on 9/21, Not in My Neighborhood will be hosting an awareness meeting regarding child sex trafficking.  Click on the flyer below for details.

ONA is not affiliated with NIMN.  To obtain additional information regarding this event, contact  NIMN is a member organization of the Tarrant County 5-Stones Taskforce.

NIMN Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Awareness Meeting
Thursday, 9/21, 6:30-8:30 pm
Bethesda Community Church
4700 N. Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76137

September 8, 2017

It's "Oaktoberfest" in Oakhurst!

Join your neighbors next Saturday evening and celebrate Oakhurst's version of Oktoberfest with German food, drink and games!  Bring your friends!

ONA "Oaktoberfest"
Saturday, 9/16, 4-7 pm
West Lotus Common Area (2040-2060 West Lotus Ave)

September 2, 2017

Upcoming Events: Popsicles in the Park and "Oaktoberfest"!

Join us this Wednesday, 9/6, at 6:00 pm for ONA's "Popsicles in the Park"!

And remember to save the evening of Saturday, 9/16, to attend "Oaktoberfest"...starting on the West Lotus cul-de-sac at 6:30 pm!

Your September Oak Leaflet Has Arrived!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter showcases Carter-Riverside High School's new addition, Elizabeth's President's column, Fred's patrol report, ONA's September Yard of the Month, updates from the ONA Welcome and Beautification Committees, and features an op-ed regarding the recent brush removal along Oakhurst Scenic Drive.
As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

August 10, 2017

Neighborhood Update: West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus (WNV) in Riverside

ONA received this information from the Fort Worth City Manager's office today:

This afternoon we were informed by Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) there has been a confirmed West Nile Virus (WNV) positive mosquito sample collected from a testing site near you in the City of Fort Worth. 

A positive sample was collected in your area at Fire Station 19, 2613 Carnation.

It’s extremely important that our community continue to work together to reduce the mosquito population by removing mosquito habitats from their property and remind their neighbors to do the same. 

The most effective means of protection, even more than spraying, is to stay focused on the reduction of the mosquito population:

  • Please remove all standing water in empty flower pots, pet bowls, outdoor toys, gutters, etc.
  • Maintain your swimming pool.
  • When you’re outdoors, remember to wear repellent that contains DEET.
  • Wear clothing with long sleeves and pants when applicable.

Continued vigilance when it comes to preventing the spread of mosquito viruses in our community is essential.

  • Since there have been West Nile Virus positive mosquitoes in your neighborhood, the city’s Code Compliance officers will be monitoring the area looking for litter and debris that could invite mosquitos to breed and nest.
  • You can help by keeping your grass mowed and trees trimmed.
  • Additionally, officers will check inspecting city property for standing water and addressing it.
  • If there’s an issue with standing water at a location that is not city property, report it to the City’s Customer Care Center at 817.392.1234.

Additional Questions? Contact the Tarrant County Public Health Zika Hotline at: 817.248.6299.

Thank you so much for all your continued efforts.
Code Compliance Department, City of Fort Worth

August 8, 2017

Read the August Oak Leaflet, Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  This month's newsletter features an article by David Martin entitled The Blue Horned Frog Caper in Oakhurst, information on the upcoming Smilax construction work, Elizabeth's President's column, Fred's patrol report, ONA's August Yard of the Month, updates from the ONA Welcome and Beautification Committees, and more...
As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

July 12, 2017

A Request from CRNA...

The following is a request from Judy Taylor, President of Handley Neighborhood Association, as shared with us by LuAnn Hoppe on behalf of Carter Riverside Neighborhood Association and the Riverside Alliance:

We must be seen by the TCEQ, a State office in control of our ability to breathe. This is about the future of Fort Worth, now is the time to be seen as a united community supporting not only EFW, but the City that is fighting with us.

Each of the 431 seats in the auditorium filled with people opposing and/or seeking more information regarding the application for an Air Quality Standard Permit for a permanent concrete crusher at 5317 East 1st Street, Fort Worth, Texas is publicly showing interest/support for Fort Worth City Council’s Resolution of opposition for this permit…

WHEREAS, although concrete crushing facilities may provide the benefits of concrete recycling, the process must be undertaken in a location that minimizes the impact to citizens, neighborhoods and the environment. The granting of an air permit at this location for the construction of a permanent concrete crusher would adversely affect the City of Fort Worth and the environment as well as being incompatible with the City’s zoning regulation.


1. That the City of Fort Worth opposes the issuance of an air permit to East First Recycling LLC (Registration No. 146263) by the TCEQ to allow for the construction of a permanent concrete crusher facility at 5317 East 1st Street, Fort Worth, Texas.

2. That the City Council recommends to the TCEQ that the permit be denied and the City’s recommendation be given maximum consideration in TCEQ’s deliberations in considering such permit, pursuant to Section 382.112 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

3. That the City Council requests that the TCEQ conduct a public meeting before granting this permit.

4. That the City Manager is authorized to take all necessary action to oppose the granting of an air permit to East First Recycling LLC for the construction of a permanent concrete crusher at 5317 East 1st Street, Fort Worth Texas.”

July 11, 2017

Survey Results!

We've tallied up the results of the recent ONA survey, and we're pleased to share our findings with our neighbors!  A total of 65 respondents answered one or more of the three questions below:

Question 1
Please check the three items you would like ONA leadership to focus on for this term:
(click on the image above to view larger)

Question 2
Please list 1-3 ways in which you would like to get involved in ONA (answers paraphrased in some cases):
  • Volunteering opportunities; support for local charities and neighbors in need
  • Rather than...meeting at 7pm on any given day, I would rather have a conference call that I could call into.
  • I work for FWISD and would love to help share information about local schools and District opportunities.
  • I'd love to see some $$ spent on spreading the streetlights like we have on Daisy elsewhere into the neighborhood. Since Bluebonnet is the N-S axis to Daisy E-W that would be my suggestion. Maybe start small doing 2-3 a year.
  • Refocusing everyone on coming together and doing what's best for our neighborhood.
  • Plant swaps.
  • Crime watch. 
  • In regards to traffic, I'm willing to write emails to city in support of our needs.
  • ...I was torn between crime and conservation as priorities.  I'd like to see the character  of our neighborhood preserved without infringing on homeowners rights.  Perhaps ONA can educate and encourage people to value the old trees, unique homes.
  • Maybe we do a "census" of the oak trees in Oakhurst.  Get people excited about the trees.  It may seem trivial in light of other issues, but we lose these old trees it takes decades to replace them.
  • Attending more ONA meetings.
  • Contacting city/elected officials to express our concerns.
  • Help Glenda with the youth activities.
  • ...I'm encouraged to see all the wonderful new families in our neighborhood and the social activities that have been organized.  
  • I like to be involved in the events which i do already but the traffic is huge concern along with the crime...
  • Active community involvement once I finally and completely retire.
  • Beautification Projects/Dog Park.
  • Volunteer efforts.
  • ...any road/highway related issues. 
  • I am willing to serve on committees to accomplish community goals.
  • I am willing to actively participate in community events.
  • Would love to have continued involvement in delivering the newsletter every week.
Question 3
What social activities would you like to see in Oakhurst?  Examples might include dog competitions, walking/cycling clubs, etc.
  • Maybe an "adopt a grandparent" program? If we have older folks in the neighborhood who need meals or people to check in or visit with them, it would be good for the community to reach out to them. Or maybe we could assemble a website or list of neighbors who need help with things and people could sign up to volunteer goods/services to assist them? 
  • Walking, running, cycling, painting, drawing, etc..
  • We would like to see two disc golf baskets placed in Oakhurst park for the children (and adults) to practice and play. Thanks!
  • Maybe like a pub crawl-style event. I think there has been something like that, but I haven't been able to participate.
  • They are doing a good job already.
  • Group cycle over to Gypsy Scoops. 
  • Zumba in the park, movie nights in the park, activities for middle school students, 
  • Porch crawl? Maybe a different beverage /nibble at porches and you walk from porch to porch. Like trick or treat but for whole family and more chit chat. I am more comfortable hosting than walking. But not when its hot.  And anything with dogs. And meet ups for walks.  Thank you to all the ONA volunteers and leaders. 
  • Walking club.
  • Porch crawl. Potluck. Happy Hour at the park. 
  • Good ideas - walking/cycling clubs.   Tai chi at the park?   Dog competitions.   Bird watching club?  
  • Cycling club would be cool.  
  • Yoga in the park; walking buddies; lessons (sewing, arts/crafts, home repair, etc).
  • Yes to both of above.  Street events as the recent St. Patty's day is nice, also block parties, garden tours, progressive dinners... events to improve social interaction within the neighborhood.
  • Bicycle rides, Singles Mingle for all ages? Gardening Help- perhaps someone in our neighborhood who has a nice backyard could share their tips of what grows well among all these shade trees. Organized walk to the Martin House Brewery... Cooler weather a CHILI cook off - perhaps could be a fund raiser for our Oakhurst needs. That's all for now:)
  • Running club would be nice but i do feel we have quite a few activities the ONA provides already!
  • Walking club & pet events sound nice! 
  • More neighborhood potluck picnics.
  • Picnic/Outdoor movie screening.
  • Bake sale for charity.
  • Neighborhood clean-up day.
  • Hold small music concerts on a common green. Encourage karaoke.
  • Neighborhood cook-offs.
  • Park fitness ( I can lead!)
  • Social bike rides.
  • Not particularly interested in activities. More like safe walkable neighborhood streets. 
  • Anything to help people meet their neighbors.
  • Walking, dogs, yoga, ice socials, porch activities, visiting local restaurants as a group, cooking, painting in the park, remodeling, landscape classes. More info on garden club. 
  • Pancake breakfast in the park, porch crawl, hamburger/hotdog cookout in park, more adult socials. I think every resident should have an Oakhurst sticker on their car so we know if should be here or not.
  • Keep up activities that involve families and children.
  • Art club.
  • Neighborhood BBQ in park.
Thank you all for your input!  Your feedback is helping us to shape the year ahead.

July 1, 2017

Back to the Fourth: July Picnic and Parade!

With this morning's rain, we've moved ONA’s annual Fourth of July Picnic and Parade at the Oakhurst Park to Tuesday, July 4th!  ONA President Elizabeth Neumann writes:

Please note that today’s July 4th activities have been moved to the 4th of July with parade sign-in at 9:30 am and parade beginning at 10:00 am. We are sorry for this inconvenience yet the weather decided to “rain on our parade”. Keep safe out there and have a happy weekend.  Hope to see you on the 4th!  - Elizabeth

June 30, 2017

July Oak Leaflet and ONA Activities!

Fourth of July Picnic and Parade...on July 1st!!!

From ONA President Elizabeth Neumann:

"I hope to see each of you at ONA’s annual Fourth of July Picnic and Parade at the Oakhurst Park on Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 10:00 am. The family parade starts at 10:00 am with games and an old-fashioned picnic to follow. Show your red, white and blue colors by decorating yourself, your bike, pets and/or grandma."

July Oak Leaflet Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online!  In this month's newsletter, Fran outlines the goals of the Beautification Committee for the coming year, Elizabeth shares her President's Column, Fred covers the monthly patrol report, and more...
As always, you may visit our Newsletter Archive to view or download past issues.

June 2, 2017

Adding to the Archives

We've managed to dig up (courtesy of our editor Libby Willis) and scan another dozen or so past issues of the Oak Leaflet.  Visit our Newsletter Archive section for a trip down memory lane!

Complete the ONA 2017-'18 Survey!

We need your feedback!  Complete the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association Survey for 2017-'18 by clicking on this link or the image below.  Thank you in advance for your participation!

How did Oakhurst get its name?

By Libby Willis; originally published in the June 2017 edition of the Oak Leaflet...

How did Oakhurst get its name? We may never know for sure, but from what we DO know about the development of the neighborhood, we can come up with a reasonable answer. The fun comes in learning about other places and people also named Oakhurst.

The first thing to know is that the word “hurst” (from Old English) means “wooded hill.” "Oakhurst” means a wooded hill with oak trees. The Saxon word “hurst” is often used in southern England as part of other place names such as “Amhurst” (or “Amherst”) or “Ravenhurst.” The use of “hurst” in a place name may go back to ancient times although the use of it in a street name is modern.

The most famous place named “Oakhurst” in the United States is the nation’s oldest existing golf course (nine holes) built in 1884 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

The course was patterned after the original golf course in Scotland and no modern golf clubs may be used on the course. It is set in rolling hills where sheep graze and they are as likely as not to roam across your path while you are playing the game. Most who play at the historic Oakhurst wear knickers and sweaters to fully capture the feel of the original game. Recently, plans have been announced to maintain the historic “Oakhurst Links” but also to develop a brand new Oakhurst course designed by golf greats Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Gary Player. It’s the first time all four of the golf legends have designed a course together.

There are at least 8 states with one city named Oakhurst including one in Texas. California has two such cities. Probably the most well-known of these is Oakhurst, California, established in the 1850’s to supply gold miners. Formerly known as “Fresno Flats,” Oakhurst, California is in grizzly bear country in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,. In fact, the town is “famous” for its permanent “talking bear” on the town square. The town is 14 miles from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park.

In Australia, there is an Oakhurst in Queensland and one in New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney. In Britain, there is a town called “Oakhurst” in Kent.

Oakhurst is also the name of a streetcar suburb in Atlanta established by the Georgia Legislature in 1910. It was annexed into the City of Atlanta in 1914-1916 and more residential development followed, including in 1924, the same year as our own Oakhurst. It’s a historic neighborhood which remains quite active.

In 1869, American writer Bret Harte wrote his short story, “The Outcasts of Poker Flat”. His protagonist was a gambler named John Oakhurst. He was a calm soul throughout the story, even after he and others had been cast out of a California town into the nearby mountains. One of their group took their horses leaving them stranded and likely to die in the cold and snow. In 1919, the story was made into a film directed by John Ford. Harry Carey played the role of Oakhurst. The film has been lost, but the characters remain in memory although it is unlikely that Fort Worth’s Oakhurst Neighborhood was named for John Oakhurst.

There is also no connection between the Texas city of Hurst in northeast Tarrant County and Oakhurst. Hurst was named for William Letchworth Hurst after he agreed in 1903 to let the Rock Island Railroad lay track on his land to connect Fort Worth and Dallas; he asked that a depot be built and given his name.

So why IS our neighborhood named Oakhurst? It’s probably because of some very simple things: it was not unusual to name an area wooded with oak trees “Oakhurst.” It had certainly been done before by those in Georgia and California and those places might have even been familiar to Oakhurst developer John P. King. Or perhaps he had heard about the Oakhurst Links and Country Club in West Virginia. That course had been around for at least 40 years by the time King developed his own Oakhurst Country Club during the 1930s. Maybe King knew about the various towns and cities in England named “Ravenhurst” or “Oakhurst.” Perhaps King thought “Oakhurst” sounded good as the name of a new residential addition. We know that King named his subsequent addition on the West Side of Fort Worth “Monticello” in 1928. Obviously, he knew that was the name of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home. He must have liked the idea of drawing connections between a famous president, his well-known home, and a new residential development. It’s not inconceivable that King did the same thing with the name “Oakhurst.” He may have seen it as a prestigious sounding name that would attract lookers and buyers in the new neighborhood. It didn’t hurt that the name just happened to be appropriate for the trees and topography of our part of Fort Worth.

June 1, 2017

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