July 11, 2017

Survey Results!

We've tallied up the results of the recent ONA survey, and we're pleased to share our findings with our neighbors!  A total of 65 respondents answered one or more of the three questions below:

Question 1
Please check the three items you would like ONA leadership to focus on for this term:
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Question 2
Please list 1-3 ways in which you would like to get involved in ONA (answers paraphrased in some cases):
  • Volunteering opportunities; support for local charities and neighbors in need
  • Rather than...meeting at 7pm on any given day, I would rather have a conference call that I could call into.
  • I work for FWISD and would love to help share information about local schools and District opportunities.
  • I'd love to see some $$ spent on spreading the streetlights like we have on Daisy elsewhere into the neighborhood. Since Bluebonnet is the N-S axis to Daisy E-W that would be my suggestion. Maybe start small doing 2-3 a year.
  • Refocusing everyone on coming together and doing what's best for our neighborhood.
  • Plant swaps.
  • Crime watch. 
  • In regards to traffic, I'm willing to write emails to city in support of our needs.
  • ...I was torn between crime and conservation as priorities.  I'd like to see the character  of our neighborhood preserved without infringing on homeowners rights.  Perhaps ONA can educate and encourage people to value the old trees, unique homes.
  • Maybe we do a "census" of the oak trees in Oakhurst.  Get people excited about the trees.  It may seem trivial in light of other issues, but we lose these old trees it takes decades to replace them.
  • Attending more ONA meetings.
  • Contacting city/elected officials to express our concerns.
  • Help Glenda with the youth activities.
  • ...I'm encouraged to see all the wonderful new families in our neighborhood and the social activities that have been organized.  
  • I like to be involved in the events which i do already but the traffic is huge concern along with the crime...
  • Active community involvement once I finally and completely retire.
  • Beautification Projects/Dog Park.
  • Volunteer efforts.
  • ...any road/highway related issues. 
  • I am willing to serve on committees to accomplish community goals.
  • I am willing to actively participate in community events.
  • Would love to have continued involvement in delivering the newsletter every week.
Question 3
What social activities would you like to see in Oakhurst?  Examples might include dog competitions, walking/cycling clubs, etc.
  • Maybe an "adopt a grandparent" program? If we have older folks in the neighborhood who need meals or people to check in or visit with them, it would be good for the community to reach out to them. Or maybe we could assemble a website or list of neighbors who need help with things and people could sign up to volunteer goods/services to assist them? 
  • Walking, running, cycling, painting, drawing, etc..
  • We would like to see two disc golf baskets placed in Oakhurst park for the children (and adults) to practice and play. Thanks!
  • Maybe like a pub crawl-style event. I think there has been something like that, but I haven't been able to participate.
  • They are doing a good job already.
  • Group cycle over to Gypsy Scoops. 
  • Zumba in the park, movie nights in the park, activities for middle school students, 
  • Porch crawl? Maybe a different beverage /nibble at porches and you walk from porch to porch. Like trick or treat but for whole family and more chit chat. I am more comfortable hosting than walking. But not when its hot.  And anything with dogs. And meet ups for walks.  Thank you to all the ONA volunteers and leaders. 
  • Walking club.
  • Porch crawl. Potluck. Happy Hour at the park. 
  • Good ideas - walking/cycling clubs.   Tai chi at the park?   Dog competitions.   Bird watching club?  
  • Cycling club would be cool.  
  • Yoga in the park; walking buddies; lessons (sewing, arts/crafts, home repair, etc).
  • Yes to both of above.  Street events as the recent St. Patty's day is nice, also block parties, garden tours, progressive dinners... events to improve social interaction within the neighborhood.
  • Bicycle rides, Singles Mingle for all ages? Gardening Help- perhaps someone in our neighborhood who has a nice backyard could share their tips of what grows well among all these shade trees. Organized walk to the Martin House Brewery... Cooler weather a CHILI cook off - perhaps could be a fund raiser for our Oakhurst needs. That's all for now:)
  • Running club would be nice but i do feel we have quite a few activities the ONA provides already!
  • Walking club & pet events sound nice! 
  • More neighborhood potluck picnics.
  • Picnic/Outdoor movie screening.
  • Bake sale for charity.
  • Neighborhood clean-up day.
  • Hold small music concerts on a common green. Encourage karaoke.
  • Neighborhood cook-offs.
  • Park fitness ( I can lead!)
  • Social bike rides.
  • Not particularly interested in activities. More like safe walkable neighborhood streets. 
  • Anything to help people meet their neighbors.
  • Walking, dogs, yoga, ice socials, porch activities, visiting local restaurants as a group, cooking, painting in the park, remodeling, landscape classes. More info on garden club. 
  • Pancake breakfast in the park, porch crawl, hamburger/hotdog cookout in park, more adult socials. I think every resident should have an Oakhurst sticker on their car so we know if should be here or not.
  • Keep up activities that involve families and children.
  • Art club.
  • Neighborhood BBQ in park.
Thank you all for your input!  Your feedback is helping us to shape the year ahead.

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