October 7, 2018

Get Your Oakhurst T-Shirt!

Don’t miss out...get your Oakhurst T-shirt!

The ONA Beautification Committee is taking orders for long-sleeved shirts. The white T-shirts are $20 (plus sales tax) and have the beautiful Oakhurst logo in green on the front and back. They are available for pre-sale purchase online through the first week of November. Neighbors can also turn in their orders at the Halloween Party in Oakhurst Park set for Saturday, 10/27. Beautification Committee members will be wearing their tees that day.

Ordering online will ensure that you get the size and number of shirts you need.

ONA Bylaws Committee Update 2

ONA members,

Attached are the Bylaws changes proposed by the Bylaws Committee for 2018:
Table of Proposed Changes
Proposed ONA Bylaws

A big thank you to the Bylaws Committee for the time, effort, and thought they put into these revisions.  The majority of changes relate to the most common request we received from ONA members, having the opportunity to vote for themselves rather than a street representative vote on their behalf.  While the Bylaws have always stated all members can vote, the scheduling of meetings and structure of the organization did not provide opportunity for residents to vote.  The proposed changes make a way for members to vote on issues more than twice a year.

Most other changes relate to the structure of the document itself.  Some items were rearranged and vocabulary changed in hopes of clarifying the intention; I wish more of this had been done but the committee could only address so much.  More committees were identified and their formation spelled out in hopes of increasing participation and involvement of members.

Please review the proposed changes and if you have comments or questions, email the committee at bylaws@oakhurstfw.org.  Plan to attend the Oct. 18th meeting at Calvary Academy, 6:30 pm, when the vote on these proposed changes will take place.  This is your neighborhood organization and we want need you to be involved so we can continue the work that has made Oakhurst a great place to live.

Jan Buck
ONA President

September 30, 2018

ONA Bylaws Committee Update

An update from ONA President Jan Buck:

The September ONA meeting was the time scheduled for residents to give input to The Bylaws Review Committee in person; online comments had been accepted for several weeks prior to the meeting.  Members of the committee who were present to hear suggestions included Chairmen Jonathon Zimmerman, Robert Brown, Sharon Buse, and Chanin Scanlon.  Charles Witt, Ken Cloud, and Ann Kothmann were not able to attend but comments were noted for future discussion by the committee.  Approximately 25 residents attended the meeting and about 1/3 of those attending suggested revisions for the bylaws.

Issues presented at the meeting and submitted online, included:

  1. Have members vote for themselves rather than street reps voting on their behalf;
  2. Keep Robert’s Rules of Order to govern proceedings of ONA;
  3. Establish a Grievance Committee;
  4. Clean up some of the wording and structure;
  5. Establish more standing committees and change the organization and function of others;
  6. Allow treasurer to use online banking for some transactions.

The proposed bylaws revisions will be posted the 1st week of October to allow residents time to review before the October General Membership meeting on Thursday, October 18th at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will be held in the Calvary Academy auditorium.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks again to the Bylaws Committee who spent many nights meeting and discussing potential revisions!

Jan Buck
ONA President

September 29, 2018

October Oak Leaflet and Upcoming Events!

October Oak Leaflet

This month's issue of The Oak Leaflet is now online!  Click on the image below and/or scroll down to the Upcoming Events below to view details on all of the activities and events slated for October.  You'll also find Jan's President's Column, October's Yard of the Month, and more!
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

Upcoming Events

October is action-packed in Oakhurst!

10/2: Oakhurst National Night Out (6-7:30 pm)
10/4: ONA Police and Firefighter Appreciation Dinner (10 am - midnight!)
10/18: ONA General Membership Meeting (6:30 pm)
10/20-25: Oakhurst Halloween Spooktacular Yard and Amazing Autumn Display Contest
10/27: Halloween in the Park and Halloweenie Roast (3-5 pm)

See your October Oak Leaflet and our event calendar for more details!

September 1, 2018

September's Oak Leaflet Online!

This month's issue of The Oak Leaflet is now online!  Click on the image below to view details on upcoming activities and events, including the annual ONA Police and Firefighter Appreciation Dinner and ONA Halloweenie Roast.  You'll also find an update on Bonnie Brae Elementary by Freda, an article on Ray Jefferson by Libby, reports by various committees, September's Yard of the Month, and more!
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

August 24, 2018

Save the Date: September ONA Meeting!

Make plans now to attend this month's ONA meeting on Thursday, 9/13, at 6:30 pm at the Calvary Christian Academy library.  The meeting will comprise an open forum for ONA members to meet with the the Bylaws Committee and give input / offer suggestions on potential revisions to benefit the organization.  The committee wants to hear from YOU before proposing changes.

Note: The meeting format will be "come and go".  Please plan to attend and share your ideas!  And you may find our current ONA bylaws on our Join ONA page or at this direct link.  You may also share your ideas directly with the Bylaws Committee via email.

ONA September Meeting
Thursday, 9/13, 6:30 pm
Calvary Christian Academy

August 8, 2018

See You at August's ONA Meeting!

Make plans to attend the August meeting of the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association TOMORROW, August 9.  Our guest speaker will be Catherine Huckaby, Community Engagement Manager with the City of Fort Worth.  For more details, check out the agenda.
ONA August Meeting
Thursday, 8/9, 7:00 pm
Calvary Christian Academy

July 28, 2018

August Oak Leaflet Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet for more details on upcoming activities and events, including a recap of the ONA Fourth of July in Oakhurst Park.  You'll also find Jan's President's Column, August's Yard of the Month, reports from the COPs and Welcome committees, and much more.
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

July 8, 2018

ONA Meeting This Thursday, 7/12!

Make plans to attend the July meeting of the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association this Thursday, July 12.  Guest speakers will include Debra from the Riverside Library and Aleta from Urban Village Art.  For more details, check out the agenda.
ONA July Meeting
Thursday, 7/12, 7:00 pm
Calvary Christian Academy

July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Happy July 4th, Oakhurst!  Come out and join your neighbors at the park to celebrate:


ONA Annual July 4th Picnic and Parade
Wednesday, July 4, 10 am
Oakhurst Park

June 29, 2018

Read the July Oak Leaflet Today!

Man, it's hot out there!  Be sure to find a comfortable spot in the A/C to peruse this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet for details on summer happenings.  You'll find information on our upcoming Fourth of July Picnic and Parade (and other current events), our ongoing membership drive, reports from our president and committees, July's Yard of the Month, and more!
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

June 13, 2018

6/14: Join us for our June ONA meeting!

Join us this Thursday, 6/14, for our ONA meeting!  Our agenda will include guest speaker Marisa Conlin, Engineering Manager at the City of Fort Worth Transportation & Public Works department, speaking about the proposed lighting project for Sylvania Avenue.  We'll also hear the results of our latest ONA audit, review the minutes of April's General Membership Meeting, and more!

ONA Meeting
Thursday, June 14, 7:00p
Calvary Christian Academy

June 2, 2018

June Oak Leaflet Online!

Summer is heating up, and so is our ONA membership drive!  Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet for more details on upcoming activities and events.  You'll also find Jan's President's Column, June's Yard of the Month, and much more.
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day!

Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Photo by Brian Talbot

May 17, 2018

A Tribute to the Queen!

Queen Rita, that is!

A fantastic farewell dinner was held at Mamma Mia in Rita Wilson's honor on Tuesday night.  Thank you to everyone that turned out to send Rita off in style.  Look for more details in your next Oak Leaflet.

Oakhurst Wastewater Improvements

Per the City of Fort Worth's website, parts of Oakhurst (and nearby areas) will be seeing some wastewater improvements in the near future.  Click on the image below to view the project plans.


May 14, 2018

More Ways to Join ONA!

We've retooled the Join ONA page of this website to give Oakhurst residents more flexibility on how they contribute their annual dues. You now have three online options:

One-time Payments
Annual dues of $20.00 are used to support ONA events and maintenance activities. Look for the "Pay Now" button on the Join ONA page, as pictured below.

Annual Subscription
You are now able to pay your ONA dues automatically with an annual subscription! Click the "Subscribe" button on the Join ONA page to set up billing via your preferred payment method, as pictured below.

Additional Contributions
We've added a shopping cart function to enable residents to donate to specific ONA initiatives. In the Additional Contributions section on the Join ONA page, make a selection with the pulldown menu and then click "Add to Cart", as pictured below.


Note: To make multiple contributions, click "Continue Shopping" on the PayPal website (before you check out) to return to the Join ONA page and add additional items to your cart!

Offline Payments
Of course, you may still choose to print a membership form, fill it out, and mail it with your dues to ONA Treasurer, P.O. Box 7430, Fort Worth, TX 76111.

Thank you for your support!

May 7, 2018

Read the May Oak Leaflet...Online Now!

ONA has new officers!  Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet online for more details.  Jan Buck reports on upcoming changes to Sylvania Ave and authors her first President's Column, Phyllis Anglin provides details on an upcoming dinner in honor of Rita Wilson, Libby Willis shares a story about the poet William D. Barney and his ties to Oakhurst, Fran awards May's Yard of the Month, and much more!
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

May 5, 2018

ONA Easter in the Park Photos

We had an excellent turnout for ONA's Easter in the Park on March 31. A special thank-you to Doyle Willis for capturing and sharing photos of the event: