July 28, 2018

August Oak Leaflet Now Online!

Check out this month's issue of The Oak Leaflet for more details on upcoming activities and events, including a recap of the ONA Fourth of July in Oakhurst Park.  You'll also find Jan's President's Column, August's Yard of the Month, reports from the COPs and Welcome committees, and much more.
As always, you may visit our newsletter archive to view or download past issues.

1 comment:

  1. "In the August newsletter, my column was edited after it was filed. The
    column in the newsletter stated there was no crime reported from the Oakhurst NPO this month. This is incorrect. While we are reviewing the policy for reporting the information, it was decided not to include a crime report in the August column. I am sorry for any confusion.

    Debby Adams, COP Co-Captain