September 11, 2014

Save the Date: Police and Firefighters Appreciation Dinner!

Reprinted from Phyllis Anglin's article in this month's edition of the Oak Leaflet:

Oakhurst cooks are gearing up for a cooking and baking marathon that culminates in a whole day and night of good meals for the police and firefighters that serve our area. This way, we get the chance to serve them! This annual dinner is sponsored by Oakhurst Neighborhood Association and the Oakhurst chapter of Citizens on Patrol (Code Blue).

The date is set for October 16th and will encompass all three shifts for our boys in blue and three meals for the Firefighters. The Patrol invites and encourages all new residents of Oakhurst to come, meet your neighbors and visit with the police and firefighters.

Past and present Oakhurst cooks at the 2009 dinner, from left to right: Beverly Mason,
Michelle Rush, Yve Martin, Thelma Cayton, Shirley Odell, and Phyllis Anglin

Pastor Jerry Campbell at Springdale Baptist Church again has graciously offered the use of the kitchen and gymnasium of the church for the dinner. Springdale Baptist is on the corner of Selma and Riverside Drive. Enter at the northeast door of the gymnasium, off Selma Street.

The barbecue, bread and drinks will be furnished. We need Oakhurst residents to provide salads, vegetables, casseroles and desserts. This year, we are going to try something different. We will open at 10am and will not close until 1am the next morning! We have found that “closing up” and then “opening” takes so much time that we only have a few minutes between shifts. Also, we have found that the officers sometimes come by when they are free, and that can be when we are closed!

Please make time to join us at the dinner hour (5-8pm). Bring a dish and visit with your neighbors and the police and firefighters.

We need neighborhood volunteers to give of their time as well as food, to help serve. As in past years, aprons will also be provided for the helpers to wear. That way, the police and firefighters will know who to ask for tea, coffee and another helping of dessert!

If you are unable to come on Thursday, October 16th, and wish to prepare a dish, you may take it the night before, or the early morning of October 16th to me, Phyllis Anglin, at 1908 Marigold (817.831.8958) and I will deliver the food to the church.

Remember to save the date – Thursday, October 16th. Everyone is welcome!

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