March 13, 2022

Updates from Chanin: Mercy Culture/Justice Reform Project

A note from ONA President Chanin Scanlon:

All – please allow me to give you some updates about the continuing Mercy Culture/Justice Reform project.

  1. The project was continued from the March 9th Zoning Commission meeting to the April 13th meeting, when the case will be heard and most likely decided. That meeting will be at 1:00 pm in the afternoon at 200 Texas Street. We will let you know where the matter falls on the docket once that is posted by the City.
  2. Regarding the meeting scheduled by the Justice Reform for March 31, 6:00 pm, the meeting is to allow the church time to present the project to the community and allow the community opportunity to ask the questions or provide comments. You do not need to RSVP to that meeting. Please come and ask Justice Reform all your questions. ONA will schedule a time for residents to vote on the project in the days following that meeting. That vote is scheduled to take place in Oakhurst Park, April 2nd from 3-6 pm. The vote will be taken by ballot.
  3. Regarding speakers at the upcoming Zoning Commission hearing – the commission only allows any opposition to speak for 7 minutes total. Speakers in opposition may only speak for 2 minutes each which means that truly only allows for three speakers to be fully heard. Speakers have been working on their presentations on behalf of the neighborhood for some time. We are graciously asking our neighbors to please consult with ONA before signing up to speak at the zoning hearing as we do not want to undermine the presentations drafted on behalf of our neighbors. Please note that the City Council hearings allow for many more speakers so feel free to sign up to speak to this issue at the City Council hearing. City Council has the final say regarding the outcome of the case. The City Council case will be scheduled in May. We will keep you informed about that date.

Thank you all for your thoughts and patience on this matter as it makes its way through the city’s approval process.

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