August 30, 2019

New ONA Bylaws Approved

A message from ONA President Chanin Scanlon:

Good day, Oakhurst –

On August 27, 2019, a special general membership meeting was held to vote on the proposed changes to the ONA bylaws.  The proposals passed, and we will now begin a transition into our new bylaws.  40 ballots were cast.  The bylaws were voted on in sections, and of those sections the lowest “yes” vote was 35 and the highest “no” vote was 5.

One of the major changes was the make-up of the executive board.  Street representatives will continue with their current duties but will no longer need to attend executive board meetings.  Instead, a chairperson of the Street Representatives Committee will be elected to represent all the street representatives and serve on the executive board in that capacity.  Street representatives will continue all their other normal duties and will meet as a committee and support causes and issues that affect their street.  Those issues will be brought to the executive board by their chairperson.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the street representatives who have served as executive board members and thank you in advance for your continued commitment to your street.

In light of our new executive board configuration, we are forming a nominating committee and will be holding mid-term elections to fill not only our street representative chairperson position, but all the standing committee chairs who will also serve as executive board members.  It is our hope that our long-standing and highly-admired committee chairs will continue to serve as they always have, but we do have a couple of additional seats to fill and we would like our community to vote on the folks filling those chairs.

If anyone is interested in being on the nominating committee, please contact Burney Dickinson at or 817.713.1282, as he has been tasked with forming the committee.

Stay tuned for upcoming elections as we transition to our updated bylaws, and thank you for coming out to vote, Oakhurst.

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