January 18, 2019

ONA Proposed Bylaws Revisions

On behalf of the ONA Bylaws Committee, we would like to share the final version of the proposed bylaws amendments for the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association.  Click on the links below to view them in two ways:

Proposed ONA Bylaws (clean copy)
Proposed Changes to ONA Bylaws (formatted table)

See below for more details from ONA President Jan Buck:

ONA members,

Attached you will find the final version of the proposed bylaws amendments for ONA...this latest version of revisions includes changes based on recommendations of members at the October meeting.  This has been a lengthy process, but members will get the opportunity to vote on the revisions at the February meeting, which is being moved to 2/21/18 because the 2nd Thursday is Valentine’s Day.

ONA’s current bylaws require members be notified of proposed revisions 7 days prior to the vote, but I want members to have more time to review because there are some significant changes proposed.  The current structure of ONA consists of a 31-member Executive Board, including officers and street representatives, and few committees, with membership limited to 7.  The new structure creates more Standing Committees, allows more committee members, and has the Standing Committee Chairs serving on the executive board along with the Officers; the board would have 9-10 members.  According to Robert’s Rules of Order for Dummies (I don’t want to wade through the formal version), “committees are the organizational units in which the real work gets done."  I seldom meet people who like lengthy board meetings, but I find plenty of dedicated members who don’t mind devoting time to a committee focused on a specific project or goal they find interesting.

Having the Committee Chairs on the board will improve communication and cohesiveness within the organization.  The overall intention for the changes are to create more opportunity for members to get involved and for ONA to get more done.

Please a take a look at the proposed revisions and come ready to vote on Feb 21st, 6:30 pm in the Calvary Academy library.  Members will decide how ONA functions moving forward.

Jan Buck
ONA President

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