October 12, 2014

ONA's Online Home

A Fresh Start
In the fall of 2012, I volunteered to overhaul our Oakhurst Neighborhood Association website, www.oakhurstfw.org. The old site contained valuable content, but it was built on an old platform, and it was beginning to show its age. Using Google Blogger, I created the website you see today. Blogger is entirely free and enables many rich features to make the site more interactive. And with some help from Libby Willis, I was able to migrate all of our old site's content onto the new one.

We're Getting Noticed!
The new site has been popular. Here are some statistics that might surprise you (as of today):
  • Our site has had nearly 20,000 page views since we went online;
  • There were 1,189 page views last month;
  • With 1,140 visits, our most popular page is the Gallery of Homes;
  • With 218 visits, our most popular post was Amon Carter-Riverside High School: History at a Glance, published on 1/6/13;
  • We have published 120 posts to date, including this one;
  • Most visitors (81%) are here in the U.S.; the second most popular location is Germany (3%);
  • Most visitors use Windows PCs (60%) and Internet Explorer (32%);
  • But 12% of them access our site from an iPhone;
  • More users find our site through Google than through all other sources combined; and
  • The most popular search phrase is "Oakhurst Neighborhood Fort Worth".
How to Use Our Website
As mentioned above, our new ONA website offers some features that make it easier for you to keep up with the latest news and events. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it:
  • On the homepage, you will find Follow ONA on Twitter and Follow ONA by Email at the bottom left. If you connect your Twitter account or submit your email address, you’ll be notified when we publish new posts to the site.
  • You will also notice a scrolling bar listing current events near the top of the homepage. Click anywhere on that scrolling text to jump to our Current Events page for more details.
  • The Search bar on the left side of all pages will quickly find any keywords anywhere on the site.
  • You can share any post on any page via Gmail, Facebook, Pinterest, and more using the small buttons found at the bottom of each post.
  • The Visit Oakhurst page features an interactive Google Map that makes it easy for you to direct visitors to our neighborhood.
  • Contact information for city departments, elected officials, schools, and much more is found on the City Services and Links of Interest pages.
  • You can join ONA or renew your membership on the Join ONA page, including making any optional contributions to various committees. Transactions are handled securely through PayPal.
  • The Contact Us page contains a web form that will directly notify me of any requests. Please feel free to submit any of your neighborhood questions or website feedback using that form, and I will forward to the appropriate officers for assistance.
Thank you for visiting our website, and happy browsing!
Aaron Vorwerk
ONA Webmaster, Morning Glory Ave Street Representative

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